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Accidental damage coverage for Mac from Computer Advantage

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Is your Mac Covered?

When you purchase your new Mac laptop, with AppleCare, you can also purchase Safeware Core Protection. With Safeware Core Protection your Mac will be protected from mechanical or electrical failures, liquid damage, power surges, as well as any other accidental damage including drops and falls.
Every new Mac comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty. AppleCare extends your coverage to three years from the original purchase date of your Mac. Safeware Core Protection picks up where AppleCare leaves off and adds accidental damage coverage up to the value of the Mac at the time of purchase. To qualify, you must purchase AppleCare and ASafeware within 60 days of your new Mac.

How do I purchase Safeware?

With a new Mac

When purchasing a new Mac with AppleCare you can add Safeware on the same invoice to ensure coverage from day one.

Within 60 days of a new Mac purchase

If you decide to purchase Safeware after you purchase your new Mac, you may do so within 60 days.  To purchase Safeware please bring your Mac into one of our stores for a quick (less than 10 minutes) inspection.  We will verify the computer turns on and there are no signs of accidental damage.  We will also verify AppleCare.  If you have not already purchased AppleCare you can purchase AppleCare and Safeware at the same time.  Once inspected and you purchase Safeware we will register your Mac so you have coverage as soon as you walk out our doors.

Are my accessories covered?

Safeware does include coverage for accessories included with your Mac.  For example the MagSafe power adapter for your MacBook Pro since was included in the box of the MacBook Pro.  Some Safeware options have a $250 deducible which means that it’s often cheaper to replace most accessories.  If you want to have ensure you have coverage for accessories choose an option without a deductible.

Is my data covered?

Safeware does not include data retrieval or recovery.  We recommend you backup on a daily basis.  Time Machine is a great way to backup.  Not sure what to do?  Just ask.


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