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Relax & Rejuvenate

In a Panasonic Massage Chair today!

If you have never considered the health benefits of massage chair, let the Panasonic MA-70 help you. This high quality massage experience is something that really cannot be explained, only experienced. The Home Synergy Center at Computer Advantage stocks massage chairs for you to try, so don’t wait; drop in and test one out today!

Massage Chair Panasonic MA-70

Limited Time Only!

Save $2000.00 on Panasonic’s best-selling model.

(MSRP: $7999.00 | Regular Price: $6999.00)

It’s a great experience to come home to my chair after a hard day. It’s the first thing I do after I enter my house!


I suffer from a lot of back problems, rheumatoid arthritis and MS. I purchased my Panasonic massage chair in hopes of avoiding back surgery as long as possible, and I am happy to report great success. It is amazing how much better it has made each day for me.


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I use my Panasonic massage chair every night after my shower. It’s unbelievably relaxing & rejuvenating.



Invest in yourself and your well being and allow the MA70 to be your in-home personal massage therapist.


Six Pre-set Programs

Refresh-A light, revitalizing massage utilizing tapping

Deep-A soothing massage course that kneads and loosens tired, stiff muscles

Shiatsu-Deep tissue massage which simulates pressure applied by thumbs. Penetrates and revitalizes sore muscles.

Hip-Our sophisticated torso and pelvic technique knead the back muscles while air cells loosen the trunk muscles.

Neck/Shoulder-A stimulating yet soothing course that relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles.

Lower Back-A massage course focusing on the lower and middle back.

Six Manual Programs

Ultra Kneading- Provides maximum stimulation of the muscles while simultaneously relaxing them.

Shiatsu-Finger pressure massage using thumb pressure to hold and release for strong deep-tissue pressure and stretching.

Kneading-A deep therapeutic effect that stimulates acupoints and increases energy flow. Particularly for the neck and shoulders.

Swedish-Gentle pressure using multiple rollers to simulate the palms of hands.

Rolling-Massage pads roll up and down along the spine.

Tapping-Simulates the sensation of hands rapidly tapping on back muscles giving you an invigorated and revitalized feeling.

Delicate enough to caress, powerful enough to provide deep therapy, and soothing enough to promote relaxation; the MA70 blends industry best engineering and thoughtful design.

The MA70 is the first model in Panasonic’s lineup to feature the RealPro Ultra 3D massage mechanism that is capable of even fine movements to mimic professional massage therapies. The heated rollers, hundreds of range of movements, and full body air cell coverage work in concert to deliver a lifelike massage simulating the movement, touch, and warmth of human hands.

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