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For Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

Remove Unused Apps from Your Mac’s Dock

Apple puts all sorts of apps into your Mac’s Dock by default, but if you find that you never use some of those items, like Siri, Launchpad, or Maps, don’t be shy about removing them. It’s your Dock! To remove an app’s icon from the Dock, simply click it and drag it...

Copy Phone Numbers from Incoming Calls

Have you ever needed to copy the phone number from an incoming call that’s not associated with one of your contacts? In the Phone app’s Recents screen, you can’t select the number to copy it, but there’s a hidden workaround. Tap the  button next to the call, and then...

How to Enter Emoji on the Mac

It’s easy to enter emoji on an iPhone or iPad thanks to the custom emoji keyboard that Apple added in iOS 5. But how do you enter those little pictograms on the Mac? We explain how on our blog, and point out that they’re useful not just for jazzing up messages, but also as clip art.

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