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Caséta Wireless at Computer Advantage

New Lower Prices

Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge ProNew lower prices on Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro.

Smart Bridge:  was $150, now $99

Smart Bridge Pro:  was $200, now $129

Set the mood

Dim your lights to relax, watch a movie, or entertain friends. You can do it from anywhere in a room.

Set the scene

Control multiple lights together, at different levels. Dim some and brighten others. Save your favorite scenes.

Welcome home

Turn on porch or entry lights from your car, so you don’t have to walk into a dark house.

Peace of mind. Comfort. Convenience.

Caséta Wireless provides all of these, at the touch of a button.

Whether you want your lights on, off, or somewhere in between, your shades raised or lowered, or your temperature set back a few degrees, you can count on Caséta Wireless to deliver what you need.

Caséta Wireless also uses Lutron’s Clear Connect® wireless technology, for reliable operation.

Once you try Caséta Wireless, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

With a Smart Bridge and the Lutron App for Caséta Wireless you can control your lights and shades right from your iPhone.


Add personalized scenes to control multiple lights and shades together at the touch of a button. Create a “movie” scene that dims lights and lowers shades as the movie begins. Or create a “goodnight” scene that turns off all your lights and closes shades before you drift off to sleep.


Schedule lights and shades to adjust automatically at set times of day. Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level and slightly raise shades every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.


The geofencing feature controls lights based on your location. Maybe you always leave the entryway lights on as you head out the door in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off for you once you’re out the door. It can also turn lights on for you when you come home.

Apple® HomeKit enabled

beach-w-phoneThe Smart Bridge contains Apple HomeKit technology, so you can use Siri® to control your lights. Tell Siri to turn all your lights off just before going to bed or to dim your dining room lights as guests arrive for a party.

Control from anywhere

Control lights, shades and temperature in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights aren’t left on or shades aren’t left open when you’re away.

Works with Sonos

Play, pause, skip tracks and adjust the volume without the Sonos app. Set scene-based lighting and music preferences. It’s a simpler way to set your life to music.

  • Create presets for your lights and music so you can get in the right mood with a tap of a finger.
  • The Pico® for audio makes it easy to pause the music, skip to the next track or control the volume when dealing with an app is just not feasible.
  • Requires Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge Pro.

NEW – Control Sonos

with the new Pico remote for audio

Remote for Audio

  • Controls any model Sonos speaker(s) from anywhere around your home
  • Play/Pause music, skip tracks, raise/lower volume and select your favorite playlist
  • Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge Pro required
  • Mount on a wall or tabletop pedestal
  • 10-year battery life
  • Available in White and Black

Now in-stock in Sarasota.


New Lower Prices

Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro

Smart Bridge:

was $150, now $99

Smart Bridge Pro:

was $200, now $129

Caséta Product Family

Available at Computer Advantage in Sarasota, FL

Caseta Dimmer with Claro wall plate

Dimmer shown with Claro wall plate.

600W & 1,000W options

Caseta Switch

Switch shown with Claro wall plate

600W, 5A lights, 3A fan

Caseta Lamp Dimmer

Plug in Lamp Dimmer


pico remote

Pico Remote

2 button, 3 button with raise/lower, 4 button options.

Caséta Smart Bridge

Smart Bridge & Smart Bridge Pro

with Apple Home Kit Support

Lutron Caseta App for iPhone

Lutron App

for iPhone

Serena Shades at Computer AdvantageShades

Serena & Sivoia QS Triathlon shading solutions


Also Available:

Pico Car Visor Clip

Pico Wallplate Bracket

Pico Tabletop Pedestal

Need Help?

We are ready to help.  From picking the right products to fit your needs and your home, to installation and programing we are ready to help.  We can even schedule an in-home evaluation so we can customize a solution that is perfect for you. Just visit our Sarasota store to see Caséta in action or send us a note using the form below.

Please note that any electrical work must be done by a licensed electrician.  We work with electricians to make this process easy for you.

Want to know more about Lighting Control? Let us know.

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